Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kerry Issues Statement Marking Oct. 27 As International Religious Freedom Day

Last Sunday, Oct. 27, was International Religious Freedom Day.  Secretary of State John Kerry issued a press statement on Sunday marking the day, saying in part:
The freedom of religion is a priority for President Obama, as it is for me as Secretary of State, because it is essential to human dignity and individual liberty, and it remains an integral part of our global diplomatic engagement.
We call on the international community – governments, civil society, and citizens alike – to speak out against religious persecution, and to stand unequivocally for religious freedom.
We do so humbly, knowing that our own journey as Americans was not without challenge, that the Pilgrims who fled across the ocean to escape religious persecution and landed in my home state of Massachusetts, would soon witness congregations break away and found Connecticut and Rhode Island in search of their own freedom to worship.
We also know that centuries later, we would see Catholics persecuted simply for being who they were and believing what they believed. But even as we are humble about the challenges of our history, we are proud that no place has ever welcomed so many different faiths to worship so freely as here in the United States of America.


jimbino said...

Catholics were persecuted for their beliefs no more than Nazis were for theirs.

It was not their beliefs that tarred Catholics as much as the centuries-long orchestrated persecution of heretics starting with torture and stake-burning of Jan Hus Giordano Bruno and others, even before the Pope threatened the life of Martin Luther.

Tim Payne said...

John Kerry might have noted that making landfall on the Cape, the Pilgrims' first order of business was to loot Native American winter stores, then thank God for His Bounty. Thus religious exception for egregious behavior is one of our earliest American traditions.