Thursday, September 12, 2013

Suit Challenges Elementary School Graduation In Chapel With Christian Prayers

The American Humanist Association announced yesterday that it has filed a federal lawsuit against the Greenville County, South Carolina school district challenging on Establishment Clause grounds its practice of holding graduation for a Taylors, South Carolina elementary school in the chapel of North Greenville University. The University  describes itself as offering "a quality education in a biblically sound, Christ-centered environment." The complaint (full text) in American Humanist Association v. Greenville County School District, (D SC, filed 9/11/2013), claims that the graduation ceremony in the chapel also included two student-led Christian prayers that had been reviewed and approved by school staff.


Jim Dorchak said...

I do not see a problem with this at all. I have been in at least 4 churches that are owned and operated by the State of South Carolina.
This is just another example of why I moved my family out of the USA from the upstate of SC.

Good luck to the rest of you.

Jim Dorchak

Escape America: Offshore & Ex-Pat Relocation Svcs said...

I am more worried that the NGU will be contaminated by hosting the satanic public school system in its auditorium. What a shame!

Anne Leah said...

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